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Stevie's Story


Stevie Kirton was a beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Stevie was a proud husband and father to three beautiful children. He loved riding in his '95 OBS Chevy, "Betty," and playing music to make everyone laugh. He enjoyed spending time lifting weights with his brother, his wife, his mother, and step-father. He was an upstanding man, father, husband, son, brother, and friend. Stevie was one of a kind and will never be forgotten.

On May 27, 2022 at 11:20pm Stevie was riding his motorcycle on the way home when he was struck head on by a white ford work van. He was killed instantly and the driver of the van fled the scene. The driver of the van was believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs-- he immediately fled the scene and has yet to be apprehended. Stevie's mother and step-father were traveling on their motorcycle behind him and were also struck by the van. They both survived. However, Stevie's mother now has to live with long-term physical and mental effects of the accident. Stevie's step-father also sustained serious injuries that inclue an amputated leg.



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